A Movement of Men

Operation Timothy

This is the process where a man or woman is either on the way to or has begun a relationship with Jesus Christ. Another person enters into a friendship role and begins to impart the life in Christ, that he has, to another. The common tool used is a four-book set called Operation Timothy Classic Edition. 

Operation Timothy covers the major concept of a believer’s life in Christ through the Bible.  As a bond is built with two people, the disciple’s heart over time is transferred to the person being discipled. His world view and behavior become more pleasing to God and man, and both partners experience spiritual growth as Christ imparts his life to them. Mathew 18:20 says "wherever two or three gather together in my Name there I am in the midst of them." These men, in time, go on to help another, and both join with others to form ministry teams and grow together. People often see God reproduce their lives to the third and fourth generation as they remain in and become committed.

Operation Timothy Book 1
Operation Timothy Book 2
Operation Timothy Book 3
Operation Timothy Book 4

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